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E-Z Access® Crawlspace Specifications Sheet
Standard Model

E-Z Access® Crawlspace doors may be installed in both wood framing or concrete block.

The approximate outside dimensions of the crawl space door frame are 29" tall and 42" wide, and may be installed full size if space allows. However, if space is limited, the frame may be cut to size using standard tools (skill saw, jigsaw). The frame is designed to be trimmed side to side and from the top.

The minimum size to which the frame can be trimmed is 29" wide x 23" tall.

When securing doorframe to house structure, wood screws or tap con type concrete screws may be used. Space screws a maximum of 12" apart and pre-drill holes in frame slightly larger than the diameter of the fasteners to be used.

  Note: Special size drill bit will be required for concrete screws.

Because the door is recessed, a minimum structural opening of 21" tall x 27" wide is required. If this opening does not exist, 1x2's or 1x4's can be secured to the structure and the doorframe can be secured to these.

Although the plastic contains some UV protection, painting may increase the level of protection. Either latex or oil base paints (most brands of spray cans) is acceptable with oil base paints being more durable.

Material: Plastic Color: White  
• Weather stripped • Keyed Lock • Can Be Painted
Frame Size
Opening Size
29" x 42"
18" x 24"

Important Notices:

  • Door should not be installed near any existing or potential heat source or open flame.
    As with any building product you should consult local building/fire codes.
  • Although ABS plastic contains some UV protection, the level of protection can be increased
    by painting. Either latex or oil base paint (most brands of spray paint) is acceptable with oil base paints being more durable.
  • In harsh environments (i.e. coastal) a monthly application of a lubricant to the lock assembly
    may prolong the life of the lock.